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About Kohala Ranch

Kohala Ranch is 3,500 acres spanning 3,000 feet of elevation beginning from just 120 feet above sea level to the top of the mountain road.  Gated at the bottom and at the top, you will find yourself on Kohala Ranch Road leading through 5 distinct neighborhoods; Heathers I, Heathers II, Meadows I, Meadows II and the Summit. 

The best part about Kohala Ranch is no doubt in its incredible views which include year round Sunset views over the Pacific Ocean, the Kona coastline, on clear days, the Islands of Maui, Moloka’i, Lana’i and Kaho’olawe, the Pu’u’s of Kohala Mountain and the three Mountains of Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Hualalai. 

The lower elevations of the Heathers neighborhood from 120 to 800 feet above sea level, consists of warmer temperatures and a dryer climate.  Only minutes to the lower highway along the ocean makes for easy access to beaches.  

Heathers I contains 143 lots ranging from one to three acres.  Pools and air conditioning are more likely desired in these lower lots.  Just above Heathers I, Heathers II is a smaller neighborhood of only 41 lots at around a half acre each.  The temperature is a just a bit cooler at about a 900 foot elevation. 

The Meadows is halfway between the ocean and the mountain roads at about a ten minute drive from either entrance.  The elevation range in this neighborhood is 1,200 to 2,000 feet above sea level.  

Temperatures reflect halfway between the warmer Heather’s lots and the cooler Summit lots and where AC is not generally needed.  Open meadows make up the neighborhood with 3 to 5 acre parcels.  Meadows I is the first neighborhood you enter with 153 lots at about three acres each and Meadows II is right past it with 100 lots at about five acres each.

Climb up to the top of Kohala Ranch and you’ll find the most majestic views at 2,000 to 4,000 feet above sea level.  Slightly cooler temperatures and greener fields grace the private, estate-sized lots at 10 to 15 acres each.  

This neighborhood has 80 lots.  Only minutes away from the top entrance, the Summit lots have easy access to Kohala Mountain Road.  It’s not unlikely for homes in this neighborhood to have fireplaces for the cooler mountain temperatures.

Kohala Ranch FAQ's

2,500 square feet of Roofed Living Area and must have at least a 2 car garage. 

A builder in the area will charge somewhere between $350 – $700 sq/ft under roof.  This usually will include everything from foundation up.  Other costs to consider are your excavation, driveway, septic, pool and landscaping.  Prior to building, there are costs associated with getting your plans approved by the county and the HOA.  These costs include a surveyor, architect, civil engineer and landscape architect.  

The time to get your plans through the ACC and the County depends on many factors.  Putting together a team that works together well and in a timely manner is the first step.  You will need a Hawaii Licensed Architect, Civil Engineer, Surveyor and a Licensed Landscape Architect.  Depending on how cohesive your team is and how determined you are to project manage this group, you can expect to have finished plans anywhere from 9 months to 2 years.  

After you have your HOA and County approved plans and you have the green light from the ACC, you can begin construction.  The finished time to build should be around one year. 

Lots less than 10 acres have a set back of 50 feet from all roads and 30 feet from rear and side property lines.  10 acre lots or larger, set backs are 100 feet from roads and 50 feet from rear and side property lines.  Heathers II lots have different requirements.  

Each lot may only have one dwelling with the exception of an Accessory Building if it is permitted by the County of Hawaii. 

Kohala Ranch requires landscape plans from a Hawaii licensed landscape architect.  Plans must show plants and sizes, automated irrigation system and outdoor lighting plan.  The minimum requirements for plants are 5 12-25 gallon trees, 50 2-3 gallon shrubs with 24″ heigh minimum, 50 1 gallon shrubs with 12″ heigh minimum, and 150 four inch pots.  

Minimum roof pitch of 4 in 12 and maximum 12 in 12.  Perimeter outline of the home’s roof plan must have at least 12 corners.  Roof styles allowed are Hip or Dutch gable.  The tiles must be clay, ceramic, metal, concrete or cement.

Your building height can not be higher than 20 feet.  

Driveways must be paved and the width must be 12 to 16 feet.  They also need to be curved as long, straight driveways are not allowed. 

Permanently constructed swimming pools will be allowed to be above the natural grade so long as they are constructed of material approved by the ACC and are appropriately integrated into the landscaping and grading design. No temporary, plastic or prefabricated swimming pools will be allowed on any Lot above the natural grade.  

The Kohala Ranch Design Guidelines and Heathers II Design Guidelines are available to download at the bottom of this webpage.  

Kohala Ranch Design Guidelines

Looking for the Design Guidelines for Kohala Ranch?  

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